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Hello, can anyone tell me the difference between there is not/ there is no.

Is the following sentence correct " there was no post writing stage?

16 Oct 2009      


it is exactly the same

16 Oct 2009     

United States

I apologize to fab08, but they are not the same. 

1.  "There is not" has two contraction options:  There isn �t, There �s not
"There is not" responds to a direct question about an object. It can be a complete sentence on its own.

Is there a vase on the shelf?  No, there �s not./No, there isn �t.

2.  "There is no" has one contraction option:  There �s no
It cannot be used as a sentence on its own.  You must include a noun.

Is there (any) water in the glass?  No, there �s no water (in the glass).
Can I take a shower?  No, there �s no hot water.

Hope this helps!

Your American friend

16 Oct 2009     


I think fab08 was talking about the context. there is absolutely no difference between �there was no post writing stage � and �there wasn �t any post writing stage �.  :) Rosemary

16 Oct 2009     


You put an object DIRECTLY after "there is/are no", without "a" or "any":
There is no water in the glass. / There are no potatoes left.
After "there isn �t/aren �t" you put "a" or "any" before the object:
There isn �t a computer in the office. / There isn �t any water in the glass. / There aren �t any potatoes left.  

16 Oct 2009