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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Taking students from intermediate to advanced level    

Taking students from intermediate to advanced level


Taking students from intermediate to advanced level
Hello my dear colleagues all over the world,

I just came across an gread internet seminar (webinar) on the above subject.
Macmillan author and English teacher Roy Norris gives a 45 minutes talk which is realy worth listening to, especially since he gives a lot of interesting web links.
Here is the link:


Here is the text that introduces the webinar:

Webinar Archive 5

Roy Norris

"Taking Students from Upper Intermediate to Advanced"

Progressing from B2 to C1, from an upper intermediate to an advanced level, represents a major challenge for students. However, with the right type of guidance from teachers, learners can be helped to move away from the “intermediate plateau” and become true advanced students of English. I will look at ways in which teachers can maximise students’ potential in each of the main skill areas, both receptive and productive, and suggest activities for developing relevant subskills. I will be referring to the Cambridge CAE examination, as this is a test of students’ ability to function at C1 level, but the webinar will be of interest to all teachers of advanced English.

22 Oct 2009      

United States

Thanks... I needed something like this... I´m teaching students at the junior high level. we´re using the text New Opportunities, and I´m at the Upper-Intermediate level. Unfortunately, that´s where the series ends, and I´m looking for what else to do with them for next year. These students have incredible skills, and I´d like to develop their fluency. Any suggestions,anyone?

23 Oct 2009     

United Kingdom

Thanks for letting us know! Looks interesting.Clap

23 Oct 2009     


Thank you so much Dorothea for sharing this wonderful seminar with us. I ´ve just watched it and I found it very interesting. I ´ve wrote down all the weblinks he gives for the different skills and took notes on some exercises which I want to try with my students. It was also good to hear that shtudents must take responsibility for their own learning. After all, shouldn ´t we be preparing them for lifelong, autonomous learning?
Have a nice day.

23 Oct 2009     


thank for your idea in developing our learner,but the important thing is we know they world and from that we know how we developed their knowledge,it ´s can be fun and easier for them learningSmile

24 Oct 2009     


?? sorry, I don ´t really understand what you mean... 

24 Oct 2009