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Pronunciation - Can You Help Me?


Pronunciation - Can You Help Me?
Can anyone give me some interesting ways to teach pronunciation? I �m new to  this and don �t know phonetics. Should I?

I �m teaching students from Japan, Korea as well as native Spanish speakers in their late teens and up.  I �ve used minimal pairs with them and practiced �ed �.  I �m going to do homophones and silent letters but need many more ideas. Can anyone suggest some good websites?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance...

Patricia M.
currently in Powell River, BC, Canada

24 Oct 2009      



24 Oct 2009     


Listening to songs in English is an excellent tool to practice pronunciation since you practice not only pronuntiation but stress and intonation. Ask them which their favorite singers are and then you choose one singer at a time and make them filling the blanks and repeating the lyrics. Then, make them to use the expressions in the song and become them part of their active vocabulary.

24 Oct 2009     

United Kingdom


24 Oct 2009     


I think phonetics is so important to learn English that it �s worth the effort. It �s not so difficult and it can help so much. My students learn the symbols when they are 12 and they can know the pronuciation of all the words in the dictionary. At the beginning they don �t like it much, but little by little they see how useful it is to learn it. I have uploaded a worksheet with all the symbols, which is the first step and then I have lots of exercises to practise it.

Hope you find this useful.
Hugs from Spain

24 Oct 2009     


don �t know if you �ve seen Aftab but there is a great book by Adrian Underhill ... Sound Foundations ..

here s a link to it on amazon .. they seem to b out of stock tho ..


24 Oct 2009     


Do you know this perhapse?


Personally, I enjoy Snap game a lot especially with voiced and voiceless �th �...


24 Oct 2009     


Thank you so much everyone.  It �s a pleasure to be a part of such a helpful group!


25 Oct 2009     


A game I play with students to practise pronunciation is noughts and crosses.  Draw a board and write a word in each square, then students have to pronounce the word correctly to win that square.

T :)

27 Oct 2009