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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > a day or per day?    

a day or per day?


a day or per day?


People, I have a question. What�s the correct "a day" or "per day"? If both are correct, is there any different in usage?


4 Nov 2009      


AN apple A DAY keeps the doctor away.... Thumbs Up

4 Nov 2009     


I think you can you "per day" in a hotel for instance: "The room costs $60 per room, per day"

4 Nov 2009     

[email protected]
United States

"per" means for each  and is used for more finanicial, measurement, or business aspects.
($4 per gallon = $4 for each gallon) ($75 per day) (45 miles per hour)
"a" is a more common usage.  (four times a day)
Hopefully that helps!

4 Nov 2009