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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Guess the Letter on Your Back    

Guess the Letter on Your Back


Guess the Letter on Your Back

Level: Easy

This game is used to practice the alphabet. Divide students into groups and ask them to stand in line and give the students in the front of the line a piece of chalk to write on the blackboard. Then write with your finger a letter on the back of the students at the end of the line. They must do the same with the student in front of him/her and so on. The students with the chalk try to guess the letter and write any word that begins with that letter on the board.Thumbs Up my student love this game.

5 Nov 2009      


Thumbs Up

5 Nov 2009     


wonderful idea to teach the alphabet in an amusing way! I ´┐Żll try it as soon as I have a young learners ´┐Ż class.Thumbs Up

5 Nov 2009     

United Arab Emirates

very good idea, I can adapt the idea of the game and use it for example with in my next unit (shapes) students can ask questions about the shape that they have at their backs..
Thanks for sharing my dear... it is very useful and interesting and let students be motivated and active :)

5 Nov 2009     


Nice idea, thanks a lot.
It can be adapted according to the level and the topic, making the final task more difficult and challenging ( for ex the student with the chalk could write as many words/ sentences as possible, in a given tense or topic...)

5 Nov 2009     


thanks my friends,you can also ask two  girls from each group to come to the front of the calss and one of them look to the board and the other look to you and you show her a letter then she start to write it on her freind back finally they should read the letter.and of course  the team who finised first got a presentClap thanks 

6 Nov 2009