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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > group and pair division     

group and pair division

Russian Federation

group and pair division
hello everyone, i am looking for fresh ideas of group and pair division. all the ideas are welcome! thank you

5 Nov 2009      


1. Take postcards and cut them in as many parts as many group members you wish to have. Let them chose one and then find the other parts of the picture.
2. Tell your students to stand up and line up according their birth dates, names, colour of their chothes, etc, then count them.
3. Take a pile of cards and let each student choose one, then group according to the kinds of cards.
4. For pairwork tell them to establish eye contact with any person in the class.

5 Nov 2009     


Group division - Play molecule game... let kids dance while music is playing. Then tell them number. They have to make groups according to number you said.

Pair division -
- use strings. Hold them in hand and each kid have to take one end of the string. Then they have to find the person on the other side

- longer, but very funny activity - write name of character from fairy tales on sticky paper, you have to make pairs (e.g. on one piece is Snow White, on the other Dwarves; Tom & Jerry; Mickey Mouse & Minnie). Stick each paper on your student �s forehead (so they dont know, who they are). Their task is to find their own identity only by asking questions other students. After they know who they are, they have to make pairs with their "colleague" from the story.

I hope you got it... Sorry for my english, but I am really  tired...

5 Nov 2009