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ESL forum > > Can somebody put me out of my misery??    

Can somebody put me out of my misery??


Can somebody put me out of my misery??

In today’s  contributions; there is a worksheet. http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=318054#thetop

It is obviously stolen and I can’t help wondering why hasn’t this worksheet  been deleted yet. Why are there 113 downloads up to now and 21 favourable comments despite nearly six or seven people warning that it is stolen and should not be downloaded. What is needed to get a worksheet deleted?

6 Nov 2009      

United States

It will be. It is from today.
Victor probably doesn ´t have time more than once a day to delete these ws.

Have you all noticed that the "False member" from Turkey is on the move again, stealing Vanda ´s stuff and trying to make our Turkish members look bad?
I wonder who this person is who has so much time to change identities every single day and steal just for the fun of it?
Some people REALLY need to get a life and not waste our time here.

6 Nov 2009     


The member won ´t get the points after all as the worksheet will be removed sooner or later. I personally think, that somehow, the author of the stolen works should get all those points. It ´s unfair that fake members upload stolen works and many people download them without giving right credit to the original owner and creator. Can you imagine? I think it would be fair and also these ´players ´ would know that they would only benefit the author..as all the point would be directed to their accounts (the owner of the worksheet).

I also think that the issue about people commenting and downloading worksheets all the same, isn ´t because they consciously want to download a stolen contribution. Many people don ´t have enough time to read between 30 and 100 comments for each worksheet. So, what I mean is, we can ´t judge or get angry with people because of this. I don ´t believe ALL of them do it on purpose.
I also think that if Victor has a little time, he can remove these members, and their thousand accounts!

6 Nov 2009     


Hi dears!

Iam so sorry about this! I just downloaded it without looking aboveConfused!
I know it was my fault, sorry again...

I hope I didn ´t download another stolen worksheet these days!!

6 Nov 2009     


I ´ve never meant to offend people who have downloaded a stolen worksheet without noticing that it was stolen. I would have been really embarressed to learn that I ´ve downloaded a stolen worksheet afterwards. What I really wanted to know was that why does it take so long to remove a stolen worksheet or how long before a stolen worksheet is removed?

6 Nov 2009     

Catalina Sorina

I know this may take some time and I know Victor has his life, too, but I think there should be a kind of comment space just under the "Download" button, where the moderators can signal that the ws is stolen. This way people don ´t have to look among 20-30 comments.

6 Nov 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

The idea about some kind of ´warning ´ under the download button sounds sensible. Thumbs Up 

6 Nov 2009     


I ´m in, we desperately need to do something about this.  Whoever this sick individual is, he or she needs to know we won ´t back down.

7 Nov 2009     


I tried to open it, but I couldn ´t.
I guess it has been deleted.

BTW, wouldn ´t it be nice if the forum posts had the date and time?

Nice to see you all, now I am going to stop by the café!See you there! o/

7 Nov 2009     

alien boy

First things first... ANYONE can report an upload as stolen, so it doesn ´t have to come from a moderator.

As many of you have noticed (especially as the same bug bear always raises it ´s head in the forum every few months) this problem just doesn ´t go away. There are many people who are not concerned about using material that is stolen (maybe they are desperate for something ´right now ´), don ´t want to wade through a lot of meaningless (in terms of informativeness) comments in order to find out if they ´re stolen or may even lack the technical expertise to view comments before downloading something!

There are several options available. Some time ago I mentioned that maybe there could be a ´three reports ´ type situation. Upon the 3rd report (which doesn ´t have to come from a moderator - after all, ALL MEMBERS CAN REPORT) then the upload should be suspended until it is reviewed by the moderators as part of their normal voting duties. This will allow some leeway for inaccurately reported uploads (this does happen sometimes) as well as providing a ´stop ´ mechanism so that the worksheet cannot continue to be downloaded (this should assist any ´witch hunters ´ who would like to punish the downloaders of any stolen items by ceasing any further downloads).


7 Nov 2009     

United States

I tried to see what you were talking about, but it must be erased...

7 Nov 2009     

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