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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Problems about reading and writing activities :(    

Problems about reading and writing activities :(


Problems about reading and writing activities :(

I am teaching adults and I have started to realize that I am not very efficent in writing and reading lessons OR my students are not willing enough to learn how to write paragraphs and answer reading questions. In writing lessons they cannot understand what is topic sentence. How hard tried we couldn �t make it clear. In reading lessons what can I do about understanding a text and vocabulary? What kind of activities can I make?

Thanks in advance.

8 Nov 2009      


Have you tried �Gap-fill Football �? Ss work in groups. Give each group a set of word cards (key words you select from the reading passage). First, read the text to your Ss (leaving gaps for those words you selected beforehand) , they just sit back and listen. You might want to ask them a Q to check their general understanding of the text. At the second reading, groups try to fit the word cards in the gaps (I ask them to arrange the cards in a column on their desk). At the third reading, you pause and groups shout out the word. As a follow up I make them re-tell the story by using the word cards as clues. Once, I used a text for Past Simple and after this activity (Ss re-told the story and we wrote sentences on the board) we worked out the rules of the tense.
Another activity that goes with reading / listening: Select the text, give the Ss a version in which a certain nr of (for example) nouns, adjectives and verbs were deleted. Put these deleted words on a flipchart / write them on the board in 3 columns (one under the other, in the order they appear in the text). Have Ss read the text and when they come to a gap look at the 3 columns and select a word from there. I did this as a listening activity, too (Ss didn �t get the printed version, they just listened to the T reading the text and shouted the words).

8 Nov 2009