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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Does anyone know???????    

Does anyone know???????


Does anyone know???????
Can anyone tell me what �s a ppp chart????????

8 Nov 2009      


hello cleo,
i think this ppp aims to many things depending on wat u r looking for
here some examples of ppp..
public private partenership
 purchasing power parity
power point presentation
so u can decide which one is yr choice and may be its not one of all of them

8 Nov 2009     


Thanks for ue reply however I don �t think that it �s any odf them. ppp chart is concerned with teaching techniques

8 Nov 2009     


Present Perfect Progressive
Past Perfect Progressive

8 Nov 2009     


not this either........it �s connected to presentation skills and techniques

8 Nov 2009     


Dear queen of the Pharohs
      The only words that came to my mind when i read ur message is the three stages of lesson plans .
Presentation-practice -performance>. We have studied them in methodology while we were at college.
that �s what i know so far.
                                                peace be upon u

8 Nov 2009     


THANKS a loooooooooooooooooooooot Mr. Abaza U r greaaaaaaaaaaaaat....many many thanks. Ur reply is really helpful
I �ve studied it also in my faculty but I forgot it.
Many thanks and best regards

8 Nov 2009     

ayda louhichi

We call it also Presentation, Practice, Production: they are the 3 stages of a lesson plan.
In presentation you present your topic through a variety of techniques such as a spidergram, or through visuals or answering targeted questions ect
in the practice or the while stage, you engage your students to read or listen and answer the questions. Finally, Production and for me, it �s the main stage. Here, the students are going to reinvest what they have acquired and learnt during the 2 previous stages. IT is also a means for the teacher to evaluate his work and to make sure whther the goals or the objectives have been reached or not

8 Nov 2009     


Thanks Ayda Ur information added to me a lot as well as Mr. Abaza �s.
I also think that the last stage wether we call it performance or production is the most important. I consider this as a direct and quick evaluation for what I explained.
Thanks a lot :)

8 Nov 2009     


When talking about presentation skills in particular, people use it in different way. For example, it can refer to either
Prepare, Practice, Present.
People, Project, Policy
Policy, Procedure, Production
or just
Practice, Practice, Practice
However, there are many important Ps in presentation skills.
1- Note these 7 P´s of presentaion
picking the right topic
perusing material
piece together your ideas
practice your presentation aloud
 proper nouns for correction pronunciation
2- Or study this quoted paragraph.


         The 9 P`s Rule:

         Prior Proper preparation prevent poor performance of the person putting on the presentation."

8 Nov 2009     


It it is in regards to presentations it is:
"Power point presentation"

9 Nov 2009     

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