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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Internet tools used as school resources    

Internet tools used as school resources


Internet tools used as school resources
We know that our students are on the internet at least once a week, most of mine connect every single day. So how do you use internet tools in teaching?

- Do you send regular emails just to keep in touch and remind about their homework?
- Do you send extra material / homework?
- Do you have lab classes in which they can develop their English skills?
- Does your school provide full internet access to students and teachers as well?
- Is there a special program or regular courses to share ideas / work / techiniques on teaching through the internet?
- How well do you manage internet tools?
- Do you prepare online exercises?
- Are the students your contacts in Facebook, Orkut, Twitter (or the like)?
- Do you write a blog? How do you promote it? Do your students show any interest in it? What are their comments / remarks in class?

- What special techniques have you developed to face this new way of teaching?

Do your students interact and construct their learning or have you simply changed the teaching from the blackboard to the sites?

What real changes have you introduced in your students� learning and what are the results you have already gotten?

9 Nov 2009      


Hi Zailda,
I �m sorry to say we don �t have computer or internet access in our school. we have a computer room which is used for teaching computer skills only and kids are not allowed to use it outside the framework of those lessons and there is no possiblity to use the internet in the school.
In the past (when I taught sixth graders) I have used their personal emails but only to send them video clips of songs we used in class. I promised them before that I would not send any homework...
The only way the internet gets into my classroom is when I use video I downloaded before at home to show in class (and that is only possible when I manage to get my hands on one of the two tv �s available in the school....and only on the floors those two tv �s are on...)
Oooh, and I of course prepared that worksheet on �computer language � in which kids learn the most common text message abbreviation etc. which was a hit !
I wold love to use the computer as a resource and a tool in class but our school is just not equipped..
Oh, almost forgot....it is only thanks to the internet (at home) that I can use worksheets from talented teachers all over the world, and those my students do enjoy on a nearly daily basis!!

9 Nov 2009     


Am I right to say that you recognize internet is a potential way of learning & teaching but there aren �t visible changes in the teaching techniques through internet?

I mean, the students aren �t responsible for part of the learning process searching, discovering and interacting in some way with the teaching process - as I understand from what you both said.

And that schools are delaying to recognize the necessity of adapting for the "new students", losing the precious tools that could be very useful in learning and reducing school costs & expenses?

Or that even using the internet, the "teacher centered" way of teaching persists, and was not replaced by the "student centered" learning?

9 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

Dear Zailda,

so many questions at one timeWink
We have an internet access in our school but the comps are so old they hardly work we don �t go there very often.  But 99% of my sts have the internet at home so if they are interested, I send them some extra homeworks, links to pages with exercises so they can practise etc.. I also have a blog but I put mostly grammar explanation and vocabulary there, because I cannot upload files there and I don �t have money to pay for better blog. This blog is not only for my sts but also for their parents as most of them don �t speak English but still want to help their children. Sometimes even the parents contact me via e-mail with some problems.
Many children e-mails me when they are ill at home, asking what they should learn as they don �t want to miss anything. Sometimes we talk on Skype, with some on icq. For them it �s the modern way of contact and I feel I have to keep myself up-to-date if I don �t want to look like a fool.
But I don �t mind at all I consider myself being quiet good at using the comp and internet and I feel happy seeing my children interested in studying. Unfortunately the ones who would really need it usually write only when there is something they didn �t understand at school. But after I explain it and offer sending some exercises to practise, they have different excuses and aren �t really interested.Unhappy

Take care, MJ

9 Nov 2009     


Same happened to me but I discovered some students didn �t master internet skills, they only know how to connect msn and/or Orkut.

But is there a real change in teaching after internet was available to help students � learning?

EDIT: In fact there´s only one "big" question, about the changes in the way we teach and the students learn. The other questions are only examples on the use of the internet, but no matter the use of the tools, how do the students interact and are responsible for part of the learning process? What are the real changes in learning?

9 Nov 2009     

Czech Republic

I think that as long as there will be students who are not interested in learning (and there always will be these) there is no chance for the real change. But that �s only my own opinion someone else can see it differently.

9 Nov 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Zailda

This year we have a computer in each classroom and a video projector. We also have full and free access to internet. We also work with Moodle, so there hundreds of possibilities to deliver extra work / activities/ videos/ppt, at the students � home.
There are only two big problems: first, many of my students don �t have a computer, at home , or , they don �t have internet. Second, the majority didn �t have even an emai.
By now, I have already created personal emails for everyone and the majority has his/her login in the Moodle. Those who can �t access from home will have to go to school and use one of the two labs we have.
So, I am almost ready to start working, though the first times there is always a lot of mess. Even so, the last years, when we didn �t have all these conditions, things went fairly well.
In the Moodle we can have folders with passwords we provide, so I frequently use many of these wonderful printables available here, in ESL, and they get extra work to improve their English. I also upload all my lessons, so they can have a revision, when they feel like it.

one thing, I haven �t managed so far. They are not interested in the forum, even if I say they can speak Portuguese and ask about their difficulties in their mother language. This is probably an answer to your last question, Zailda,
" how do the students interact and are responsible for part of the learning process?"
and it is not the answer we wanted,is it?

9 Nov 2009     


I �ve been teaching at the upper secondary school where they/we started a project "using the computer in lessons" approximately two years ago. I think it �s run by municipality.
So every teacher and student has (more or less borrows) its own laptop.
We have also a kind of intranet, a special programme, where we teachers and students communicate, exchange information, materials, homework, mail each other...
I confess it �s a luxury. You avoid all paper work, if you forget something you just open your file and check it, or you use resources on the internet at a click away, for example on-line dictionary.
But as everything has also this way of teaching/learning disadvantages. For example there is no access to the internet when you need it, or there are not enough projectors to use at the same time...And of course, it takes a lot of time to prepare material
Next, students spend a lot of time in front of the computer if we count that they play a lot of computer games at home and at school in breaks (instead of using the computer for its purpose not leisure).
But according to my experience and usage of the computer I like this luxury and I wouldn �t change it for the paper work again. :-)

9 Nov 2009     


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