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Direct and indirect objects


Direct and indirect objects
Hello, my friends!
I know the following sentences are correct:
He introduced his friend to me.
He introduced me to his friend.
We prepared dinner for our friends.
But are the following sentences correct? I think not, but I �d like to be sure.
He introduced me his friend.
We prepared our friends dinner.
And how about:
She made us some breakfast.
Thanks in advance
Have a nice day

10 Nov 2009      


The transitive verb introduce is normally followed by to when you want to mean �presenting someone to another person �. Therefore,  He introduced me his friend  is incorrect. It should be  He introduced me to his friend.

We prepared our friends dinner  would sound correct when spoken, but in its written form, you need an apostrophe. The correct form, hence, is We prepared our friend �s dinner  if you �re referring to one person, but  We prepared our friends � dinner  if you mean more than one friend (note the placement of the apostrophe).
She made us some breakfast  is correct.


Have a great day or night, whichever applies! :)

10 Nov 2009