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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed    

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Russian Federation

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
How do you underestand this proverb in you country and how do the Englishspeaking people understand it?

11 Nov 2009      


Hello Sonn,
  I am a Moroccan teacher. In my country, people understand it as " A true and real friend is the one who helps us when we really need help."

11 Nov 2009     


Hi Sonn,
In my country we say "someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend".

11 Nov 2009     


Hello Sonn,
Here in France, we understand it as "when you �re in need or really down, your true friends are the ones who lend you a hand."

11 Nov 2009     

Russian Federation

Hamidou2008, froggy.claudine and serene, thank you very much for the answers!
I asked the question because I´ve found the following meaning of the phrase: "The sad proverbial truth that friends become friendlier when they want something from you."
I was a bit shocked because in my country it means "the friend who helps you in need and who doesn �t betray you is your devoted friend"
But, according to serene �s link the meaning I �ve found is also possible in English.
I �m glad to hear that in most countries of  the world the meaning of the phrase is the same as in my country! 

11 Nov 2009     


In Romania we say " a true friend is acknowledged in the time of great need"....

11 Nov 2009     


Everyone is your friend when times are good but only true friends stay around when times are bad.

11 Nov 2009     


Dear Sonn
I know we should not advertise our work in the site, but among my contributions you can find a ws on this topic.
All the best

11 Nov 2009     

United Kingdom


The cynical version is: a friend in need... is a pest

11 Nov 2009     

United States

It means when times are hard, your real friends stay to help.

(another version: a friend is one who walks in when others walk out.)

11 Nov 2009     

[email protected]
United States

My two cents..."A friend in need is a friend indeed." never made much sense to me...because why would someone be friends with someone who is needy?  "Needy" meaning wanting all your time and resources and is clingy no matter what might happen to you.
True friends stick around through the thick and the thin.
"Angels rush in" is more of the meaning you might be looking for.  Means true friends help you when you need it most.

12 Nov 2009     

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