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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What is correct to say?    

What is correct to say?


What is correct to say?
Hi guys: Yesterday I was teaching plural forms and then I explained about the words which are always plural like glasses. And my Ss were counting the items we had in the classroom.so there were many pair of glasses That �s the question is it correct to say "two pairS of glasses" or "Two pair of glasses?"
Another Question Can anyone suggest a page for mind maps to teach grammar?

Thank you for helping me.Wink

12 Nov 2009      


Two pairs of glasses, for sure.

12 Nov 2009     

[email protected]
United States

I can �t direct you to any websites, but it is two pairs of glasses.  When you use a collective it is the collective noun that gets pluralized in this case since the second word is already a plural.   Examples:  "I saw three flocks of geese in the forest." ; "The shepards were tending their flocks (of sheep).";  "There were three pairs (of jeans) on the shelf."; "I picked four bushels of apples." 
General rule...if you can say it or write without the "of ..." with the collective being plural then that is the proper way.  Another example:  Question: "How many would you like?"  Answer:  "Two cups, please" (of tea).
Unless it �s confusing or taken the wrong way..."I saw a murder this morning." v "I saw a murder of crows this morning." 
Hope this helps!

12 Nov 2009     

United Kingdom

No, Its one pair of glasses. Anything which is a "whole thing" but the main thing consists of a pair of something (e.g trouser legs - trousers, glass - glasses) is still a singular item, so its never 2 pairs. If there were 2 pairs of glasses, there would be 2 sets of glasses, not one item.


15 Nov 2009