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Power teaching


Power teaching
Watch this video! It is amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhvaDFwmfBY&feature=related

An 11-year-old girl teaching her classmates and leading the classroom discussion. I understand it is a special method developed in the USA. Have you heard of it before?

13 Nov 2009      


Everything is Possible in this modern world but this world is just making and producing copies and not the intellectuals.  Thanks indeed. 

13 Nov 2009     


Thanks, very interesting.

13 Nov 2009     


You are right baiba...This method is awesome.
Here are more links about POWER TEACHING

13 Nov 2009     


Oh, thank you, Victoria! So you are already using this method!

Can you tell us a bit more about the results? What exactly has changed since you started using it? How do kids respond to it? Isn �t it a bit like pre-programming them?

13 Nov 2009     


This is really amazing! I �ve just watched a few films about power teaching. I think it �s great for small children but I would �t use it in highschool. My Ss would think I went crazy. I wonder if it can be used for teaching English?

13 Nov 2009     

United Kingdom

There �s something Svengali-esque about this. The almost Pavlovian handclapping technique is quite sinister - like line-dancing without the fun. It seems to be less about the kids and (you can hear him in the background) more about the �facilitator �.

13 Nov 2009     


Victoria, the first link you provided in the previous thread about the topic isn �t working for me. Can you help me access the site?


14 Nov 2009     

United States

Hi everyone,
I am a Polish native who teaches English (ESL) to children in the USA. I have just found this website and am grateful for many of your contributions. Thank you for creating this wonderful community of helpers. I will visit daily.

14 Nov 2009