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Organizing your worksheets


Organizing your worksheets
Hello dear Teachers,
I �ve got a question for you - how do you organize your worksheets and other teaching materials?
Do you group them by level, age of students, skill, function, student �s book they go with, grammar point, topic, vocabulary?
I �ve got a problem with that, I mean they very often fall into more than one category, right?
I �ve managed to collect huge amount of material so far, but it �s rather a mess right now, so I �m looking for some efficient "storage method" :)
How do you handle your collection?
Looking forward to hearing your tips :)
Hugs from foggy Poland :)

17 Nov 2009      

United States

I have my things in main folders and sub-folders:


and under that I have sub-folders for:
verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc.

I also have folders for:
informative worksheets (by category)
Identities - etc

Vocabulary learning:
The House
Pets - etc.

Reading materials
Writing materials
Essay ideas
Teaching ideas

Working with Word Program

and many more.

But most important I save all the Wss by title and with the author �s name.

17 Nov 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I just print out the WSs I need to use in class and then put them in a few folders I have according to their purpose :) But in my computer it can take me ages to find �that WS by this author � and sometimes I first find this WS here on the site then look at the date it was uploaded and then look through all the WSs I downloaded on that exact date :) Usually I find...if not - I just download it again.
Though a few months ago I used the same mehtod as libertybelle �s and have some of the worksheets saved by title and name of the author.

17 Nov 2009     


i have a messssss....in my PC..a have FOLDERS..named...if i need something sometimes i USE..SEaRCh..

17 Nov 2009     

United States

I use the same method with main folders and subfolders, sometimes even subsubfolders to be more precise since my collection is growing and it �s not always easy to find the exact ws that i wanted; e.g. house - rooms - batgroom - furniture / house - rooms - bathroom - objects. I like to keep the dates of the ws; sicne sometimes I find a part 2 missing; so i can search again on the site to find it:)

17 Nov 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi friends

I am a kind of organized being, I hate things out of place.

Anyway, in my computer I have a folder for my 5th form and another for my sixthies. Inside each one , I have folders according:
main vocabulary
grammar and sub folders on different items
clipart (and zillions of subfolders )
inside each folder I have tons of documents

I also have the author´s name in each printable, well, not all exactly, the first ones I downloaded I didn´´t take note, but now , I always download the printable with its original name and the author´s name.

I also have some folders from our big, big stars, here in ESL

But I keep on looking for a better way to organize all this stuff!!!! NOT EASY!!!!

Hope I have helped, but. my opinion, probably not.

Not the right place to write this, even so, excuse me. let me say a BIG hello to my dear Saraamiriam. Hope everything is ok with you, big hug to Sara

Hugs to all of you

18 Nov 2009     


Hi! Smile
I organize the worksheets by putting them into folders by subject and grammar items. Like this:
- house
- food
- adjectives
- conditionals
- clothes
- simple present
- simple past
Then I have some folders with the grades where I put special worksheets that I am sure I will use because they are very very good and useful and because they are exactly what I will need in the future.
- 6th form
- 7th form
- 8th form
- Secondary
I also organize them by their names and sometimes I add the author´s name.

18 Nov 2009     


Thank you so much for all replies :)
Cheers from not-so-cold-and-ugly-today Poland :)

18 Nov 2009