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Dear Colleagues,
How do you revise with your Ss? I would like to collect some good tips for revision. I usually like to revise after every second or third unit but this year I �m teaching from a book which has got revision only after six lessons. I usually revise vocabulary and grammar with games and grammar Ws.I feel I ran out of ideas. Can you suggest ways to revise units? I would appreciate ideas with a minimum preparation using only the book, board and chalk.

17 Nov 2009      


hi! cross and nolss game. insted of cross and noles you put WORDS-or VERBS-OR GRAMMAR ELEMENTS-DO-DID-WILL-COULD,,,students invent sentences- in teams ..you cross the word out. ...or draw "O"over the word.  well..that is a game..
one more drill..
i shoot them on my camera (photo-camera actually) make  small films with them. they should make the dialogue using the vocabulary, differents scenes..again from the unit...-USE any excersice or dialogue they �ve done..well..or each of them should prepare 2 minutes speach at home(you specify the topic you need- ) -GIVE them YOUR example. Next lesson...YOUR ARE FILM DIRECTOR..shoot the films...and either watch them together at the lesson..if you have dvd..or...send them the You-tube -link - THEY WILL BE INTERESTED ..be sure. AN it �s GREAT FUN and..MOTIVATION..when student see his or her result on the screen..you can disscuss some mistakes together .reward them afterwards )

THEY always get excited :) and like FILM LESSONS- at the end of EACH unit.

17 Nov 2009     


Thanks Tatyana, I �ll try the first one. The second one sounds good as well but it �s agains the rules. Camera needs permission. Good night!

18 Nov 2009