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Something strange


Something strange

Something I donīt understand. In todays contributions somebody has stolen "place prepositions" from evelinamaria, I tried to report it as stolen but I couldnīt because system says that evelinaīs ws is older than the stolen one. I have seen that evelinamaria has uploaded her worksheet also today, how is it possible that the stealer could upload evelinaīs ws before she did it herself? I donīt understand anything. I must be wrong somewhere.

17 Nov 2009      

United States

That is because if you are clever, you can change the creation date on the file and then upload it.
Don īt know if this helps.

18 Nov 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Apayla
I don īt understand either, but your post is not quite clear, in my opinion. You should have provide the links.
It is quite easy to steal one of the daily uploads, however, I īm not going to explain how. It seems to me that some people have already discovered how.

Anyway, there is one thing I don īt understand: you say that you couldn īt report, because EVELINA īS WAS OLDER ? OLDER?
If it is older, it is the first.
Are you sure you didn īt misspelled anything?
Steal... well, that is easy, getting such an answer... I don īt understand.
Could you provide the links, please; it will make our work much easier

18 Nov 2009     


Of course Olindalima.

The are exactly the same and when I entered into the stealers and click on the "report this worksheet if you think it should be removed" and I pasted the original link (evelinaīs), the system didnīt allow me to send the report but instead gave me a message which said that the worksheet I was reporting was newer than the other worksheet. Or viceversa if you prefer, the system told me that there was an older worksheet than the one I was trying to report. I was puzzled. I had not seen evelinamariaīs worksheet in the recent contributions yet. When later on I saw that evelinamaria had uploaded her worksheet the same day the stealer had uploaded the stolen one, I finally understood the system message. It had detected that there were 2 identical worksheets but evelinamariaī worksheet had been uploaded later than the stolen one. Now the message makes sense but it is incredible because it can only mean two things:
- the original is not evelinamariaīs, which I am absolutely sure that the original is evelinamariaīs.
- the stealer has found a way to steal the worksheet before she upload her original or as darknight has said above, he or she knows the way to change uploading time and therefore he or she manages to make the stolen worksheet appear before the original one.
Probably he or she has manipulated time to avoid been reported, as the system takes his or her worksheet as the original one and doesnīt let you send the report.
I hope it is more clear now,

18 Nov 2009     


I īve just reported it.

I know how the member could backdate his printable, so I sent Victor a PM, hope it helps.

18 Nov 2009     

New Zealand

wow the lengths people go to is really quite unbelievable! Pity they dont use all this computer know how to actually create stuff rather than steal!

18 Nov 2009     


Starts to look like some people just enjoy trying to mess with the system. if you īre going to steal a worksheet, why one so recognizable and why one that will show up the same day?
I don īt think this has anything to do with points. Just like people spreading viruses on purpose, some people just enjoy messing around like this, just to show they are able. I will never understand why they like it but it seems they do.........

18 Nov 2009     



19 Nov 2009