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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > how to teach vocalbulary     

how to teach vocalbulary


how to teach vocalbulary

hi everybody...

b4 asking my request i wanna thank everybody share this wonderful site....
im looking for a new technique to help secondary students to learn vocabulary they supose tpo be excellent in english after 11 yrs of learning but the lack of use for english as a second language  make thier amount of vocabulary is so weak ..i started helping them through a quiz to find more words related to topic words such as animals kitchen , zoo, pets and others things ..
i wonder if any one could help me to find news simple ways to help those students ..thanks in advanced

20 Nov 2009      


1)  Bring an ENGLISHMAN to them. or American!
Let them listen to him, talk to each other..put easy questions!
2)   Let them do mistakes! while talking! encourage themClapThumbs UpHug :) while they are talking and don �t correct their mistakesThumbs Down. They will relax..and language barrier will disapear! :-)
3)USE questionary to  Find out other topics that should be REALLYinteresting to children of that age. - Find out what are their DREAMS/find out what they like exactly
               how to do that?
Approvelet them write a composition about that (even in your native language)- that information will help you to know the topict you could make them talk on.
Films they Like - book (???) - SINGERS- and SONGS they like.
 let it be the topic of the class
For example Nowadays "Twilight � � - is POPULAR FILM/BOOK ALL OVER THE WORLD among all ages and of course among teenagers.
Here at that website: you could find lot �s Twilight worsheets (for example songs  from that movie)
.....if it´s all about HOW TO MEMMORISE..the words..
WEll.. MAKE THEM WRITE PICTURES for SENTENCES..or even PARAGRAPHS at the lesson...SHOW THEM THEIR PICTURES...(for example 2 students draw 1 picture for 1 sentence or paragraph /or phrase)
Repat the information in teams like a game...AND USE THESE PICTURES NEXT LESSON AND THE NEXT etc
Encourage COMPETITION AND TEAM SPEREAT...play Team games..let them GET POINTS FOR RIGHT ANSWER...The game should be Quick...they should be excited )..give them (some of them) The SWEETS ))as a Reward! )))) people like sweet at all ages

20 Nov 2009