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ESL forum > > barryfunenglish vs stolen contributions!    

barryfunenglish vs stolen contributions!


barryfunenglish vs stolen contributions!
I īm so angry! This is the case of non-stolen contributions. For the last two months I īve been a member of BarryFunEnglish site- they require contributions just like here. COuple of days ago I tried to renew my membership and I sent 5 of my worksheets (which I had already sent to this site) and guess what they wrote to me! īThank you for your contribution to BarryFunEnglish.  Unfortunately, after reviewing you submission, the teaching material you provided does not meet the requirements for this site for the following reason:

-Worksheets were taken from another site.Your worksheet ī This is ridiculous!!! I īm furious because the site is awsome and I īve been using a lot of it during my lessons. How can I tell them that they are wrong!?
any ideas?

22 Nov 2009      

manonski (f)

You should contact the owner of the site: [email protected] 

22 Nov 2009     


Yes I did that. He responded to my (as he called it) īangry mail ī and explained that even if the materials haven īt been stolen he has no obligation to accept worksheets that had already been published. I should read the terms of agreement again and see if he really has such a note there. Ok, it is his site, fair enought but the rules should be clear. I will write to him appologize because I was really angry last night. But what I think is that this is his way of saying: pay me for the access. Well...

23 Nov 2009     

alien boy

Hmm, good site, but it doesn īt say anything about worksheets needing to be unpublished elsewhere, just that you need to contribute "your originally created teaching materials to the site. Once uploaded, your materials will be reviewed(within 48 hours) and if accepted (my emphasis) you will be sent a confirmation email and granted full access."

Barry is certainly within his rights to refuse you especially as he hasn īt stated any of the criteria upon which he judges your submissions.


23 Nov 2009     


You are right alien boy. The criteria are rather obscure... Maybe I just focus on this site and will be posting worksheets and other materials  to people like you ;-) pity though cos I enjoyed Barry īs site.

23 Nov 2009     


strange idea to be asking us how you should deal with people on another website ... 

23 Nov 2009