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Teachers spare time


Teachers spare time
Hello everyone!
I have a question for u, something that keeps bothering me: do u have any free time left just for urselves, to enjoy urselves after a hard working day? For example, I come from school and I start searching for materials, preparing worksheets, thinking about how to make my lessons more interesting. And I love my job a lot, I ve always wanted to become a teacher, but sometimes I think I m just too fond of preparing my lessons and I start to forget about what having a social life means. And if I try to relax a bit, the only thing crossing my mind is how to prepare the materials for the next day. Do u think it s normal or I might have an obsession?Smile
Do u feel the same?
Best wishes!

23 Nov 2009      

United States

Totally normal for a teacher--we are a special breed! Most of the time when I do socialize, it s with other teachers and we just compare classes, lessons, students, etc.  My husband doesn t understand at all! :)

23 Nov 2009     


Same here!!! And I usually get my ideas just before going to bed!! I let you imagine how restful my nights are! LOLLOLLOL

23 Nov 2009     


Why do I have this funny feeling of kinda "looking myself in the mirror"?!
Frenchfrog I wish I couldn t understand u!!!!! LOL

23 Nov 2009     


Ahhh me too! no social life either... and exboyfriends never understood my job Stern Smile... but I love it!

23 Nov 2009     

sea camel

Thank goodness! I m not the only one! To me it doesn t feel like an obsession, more like a passion! I love teaching English so much! Sometimes I can t stop working. There s always something to be done. A year or two ago I became a member of a young women s group ( I had to get out!) consisting mainly of... other teachers!! Quite funny when I found out! Yes, we must be a different breed!

23 Nov 2009     


It happens the same to me but now I go out with my friends once a week and we can t talk about our job (most of them are teachers too) except when we have something funny to tell the others and it s like going to the psychiatrist (I suppose) because I come back home relaxed and happy. We NEED TO UNWIND from time to time.
Hugs from Spain

23 Nov 2009     



Yes, it is VERY normal, I m afraid. I love teaching and I am the same as you are. I get off work and I have stuff to prepare for the next day... and the funny part is that I don t even see it as a chore. I enjoy thinking up what to do next with a certain student, how so and so needs a special revision activity, etc. And yes, my ex-boyfriends didn t quite understand me either... haha...

Goodness, Frenchfog... you think that s bad! I am IN bed sometimes and I get ideas and they haunt me until morning!! lol

Yes, we teachers are a special breed! LOL

23 Nov 2009     


I think it is a really  our problem- but a good problem! I like it , sometimes I wake up in the night  with a new idea and it works!! So I wish everybody to enjoy this feeling and be proud Clap Thumbs Up

23 Nov 2009     


Hi Sinziana!
I was startled when I saw your post as I had just been having the same thoughts. And I must say your description is very accurate. I feel exactly the same! My days are so full that time passes so quickly, one day it´s Monday and the next it´s Friday already.
I don t know about you or the other people here but in my case it feels more like an obsession.

23 Nov 2009     


Same here! I just can t stop and it s fun. We have a truly amazing job!

23 Nov 2009     

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