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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Do you ever feel down?    

Do you ever feel down?


Do you ever feel down?
Do any of you work in Gouvernment run school with 30 + students and feel down because not all the kids enjoy your work?! In general they love it but  as the classes get bigger there are more and more who aren �t interested (10-20%). I am fustrated because I love my job.I ask myself what can I do(?!) I seem to play police instead of getting on with my job!!!! Is anyone out there in the same boat??!!

28 Nov 2009      


We are all on the same boat. I have come down to the conclusion it is better to let that 10-20% go their way in life and concentrate on those who are really willing to do sth. with their brain. I �m not saying you have to forget about them; give them adaptations, lower the level with little games and give the fast learners some extra food. Plan your lessons down to the last minute and don �t give them a break; they will take advantage you are breathing and they �ll begin disrupting. Have you tried powerpoints? They really work.Come on cheer up. The only thing that can comfort you is the hard work you put into it and the reward of those who will get a good memory of you when they grow up (knowledge is but a little flame; a breeze can blow it away or make it rage with fury)-

Don �t forget the worst part is sometimes the parents. You can �t do nothing against that.

28 Nov 2009     


Hi dufffy
It is amazing how we are all alike, no matter where we are from...
It seems kids are the same everywhere and so are we.
We have to overcome these frustrating days and think about how important our job is.There will always be those kids who make us miserable, not always with intention, but there are also the others, who sit in class and are so co-oparative and want to learn.

28 Nov 2009     

United States

It �s also amazing how ignorant government officials can expect children to get a good education and then pack over 30 kids and one teacher together in one room.
There is no way a teacher can give any individual guidance with so many kids in one class.
I think that if there are fewer students in a class, the rowdy ones wouldn �t have to make trouble just to get attention.

That �s my opinion.

28 Nov 2009     


In Indonesia most of all govt schools have more than 30 students in class...you are not alone duffy ^_^ ...Actually I often feel neglected by the students but then i reflect it again that I love this job moreover transferring our knowledge will give us benefit in which we will gain more knowledge instead of losing it


28 Nov 2009     


A class must not increase more than 10 to 12 students, if not, it is a  waste of time for you and for others. If  the number is big you can �t help even the people who want to study well because than they are disturbed by others. 

28 Nov 2009     

Mariethe House

dear Duffy I sympathize. It is not always easy but I found this very helpful. If you want to have a look!


On the other hand, I find it really depends on our form and energy! i have a large ( 30) grade 9 class this year and very heterogeneous .... Well it is better than a class I had last year, grade 9 too but 16 pupils  ; some of the kids were in such great difficullty that they pulled the whole class down whereas this year the group dynamics is better and even the not so able students manage to achieve a little because of the good atmosphere!

So, have a look at the link . It should give you some hints.


28 Nov 2009     


30 pupils are too mUnhappych!!!
What about primary school? Here the highest number is 25 children.

28 Nov 2009     


you are lucky!! last year I had 59 students in a classroom at a secondary school!!!! and that it �s a common number. I think the problem is that the goverment doesn �t want to hire more teachers( of course it implies more money!!) and it �s better to have no educated people who can �t think for themselves and who can �t get later a better job  in life ..... anyway ...(that �s politics and we aren �t here to discuss that)
We always have to motivate students, we have to make a lot of effort to make them be interested in any subject, and It �s worthy thought the 10 or 20% of the class succeeds. 

28 Nov 2009     


   Hi Duffy,
   Don �t worry!I think there are so many teachers who have the same problems with you all around the world.I �m one of them:(I also teach crowded classes with minimum 40 students.If it is a public school in a region where is densely migrated,there �s nothing to do,unfortunately.This is my third year and everything is better compared to last years.After a while in most of the classes,I have managed to provide an enjoyable environment by the help of powerpoint presentations,videos and visuals etc. but there are a few students who always try to distrupt the lesson all the time in each class and they are so interactive.In that case,I also feel so down.Because the other students are so eager to learn English but I have to create a suitable environment for them despite the problem students.It sometimes takes a lot time especially for the basic skills such as listening and speaking as they try to distrupt all the time:( Anyway you are not alone.
I hope everything will be better for all of us sharing the same problem.
                                                                                            Love from TurkeyHeart

28 Nov 2009