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ESL forum > > It should be banned!    

It should be banned!


It should be banned!
I came across a worksheet a few days ago and to my surprise It was a direct copy from a book called:
Taboos and Issues photocopiable lessons on contraversial topics
by Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martinez
funnily enough the worksheet was called it should be banned LOL
so i checked out Saskush s other worksheets and surprise surprise another 5 peices of her work was taken directly from the book!!!!!
I know I am not the greatest contributer to this site, nor do I have a huge amount of downloads, which is ok, but i do try my hardest to create original peices of work so it makes me really mad when i see this happen!
Anyway I guess i ve said my peice. But my question is I reported the wks but the only option to report it was web page which its not its a copy from a book, i just hope the report goes through....will it?! I don t know what happens when someone reports you and I hope i never find out.
Well thanks to everyone else who makes this site worthwhile and so amazing.

30 Nov 2009      

Czech Republic

Don t worry.
Even exact copy from a book may be reported (and your reports went through). But I would like to ask you a question: Are the wss  exact copies or were there some activities added by the user?
I also asked other moderators if someone else could confirm it. It is nothing personal but if I don t have the book I want at least two confirmations. It is different from web sites where we can check straight away.
Take care, Michaela

30 Nov 2009     


Ok thanks!
Yes everything has been copy and pasted directly from the book and no extra activities have been added.
But I have just checked and it appears the moderators have made their decision and removed her work.
Thanks for answering my questions - Rebs 

3 Dec 2009