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Pre-school teaching


Pre-school teaching
Please, someone help me.
I need the list of contents to teach (or - better - "work") with children from 3 to 6. It�ll be the first time my school will have English as a subject. I�m not intended my children write anything; they just need to talk, using mainly games and songs as tools.
Does anybody here have what to be taught? I mean, animals, colors, numbers, places, family members, etc... , but which will be the grammar structures to be used? And about vocabulary, which would be the best order? What would be presented to them first?
If you can help me, please send me an e-mail and then I just have to adapt them to my reality.

Thanks in advance...

And a merry christmas to all!!!

13 Dec 2009      



use lots of songs, games, pictures and real things to teach vocabulary. There are plenty of songs for different topics (try supersimplesongs.com)

I am sorry, I cannot help you with grammar structure, coz we speak english all day long. Thats why I do not use any structure...

What I can recommend you most, talk to them only english (but it depends on how often your lessons will be). Maybe it will be frustrating for beginning but kids will get used to it very quickly. Lets talk slowly and repeat everything very often.

If you need a help with some ideas, do not hesitate to write me a PM. Maybe I can help you Smile

Dont worry, kids in this age are great and very thankfull Thumbs Up

14 Dec 2009