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ESL forum > Teaching material > PodCasts for Intermediate and Advanced Classes Download    

PodCasts for Intermediate and Advanced Classes Download


PodCasts for Intermediate and Advanced Classes Download
Hello, Everybody. I would like to give a suggestion on the use of Podcasts. There is a website where you can find lots of podcasts on different topics. You can download the podcasts (mp3 format) to use in class (mainly intermediate and advanced) or just to improve your English (vocabulary, listening and speaking) if you feel like doing so. Downloading podcast is free of charge. However, if you want to download the the learning guides you have to register (and it is no free). The website is:


Another option to download these podcasts (and others as well) is using the software Ziepod. With this software, you can subscribe, listen and download these podcasts. By the way, with Ziepod you can see the script of the conversations (even the ESLpod conversations). You can find this software at:


It has helped a lot to improve my English. Maybe it is useful for some of you and your students too.

Have a nice day!


12 Nov 2008      


Dear luadosolzinho,

      Thank you very much for the recommendation. Amazing!
          But how can I see the script using that software?

12 Nov 2008     


I am also experimenting with podcasts. You can find the podcasts (mp3 files) and the scripts (pdf) at http://podcastnic.com. It was something I worked with for my masters thesis, not a professional site. 

16 Jan 2009