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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > urgent help needed    

urgent help needed


urgent help needed
i need help, your expertise
next year I �m going to teach first graders, but the point is that when they were in kindergarden I taught them all the vocabulary because i had three classes a week with them. So, what shall I do with them next year, because it �s absurd to repeat all the contents again. Pleaseeeeeeee help!!!!!! or I will get crazy
greetings from chile

22 Dec 2009      


Hi pepapelaez! There is no point in repeating what you have taught them all over again. It would be boring and highly demotivating for your students.

Why not expand the vocabulary in the topic areas you have covered? For example, if you taught them the most common (and easiest) family relationships, you can teach them the hardest ones (nephew, niece, father-in-law...).
You can also diversify the contexts in which they use the vocabulary (e.g.: Who �s Mary? It �s John �s brother), without making them aware of the grammar topics behind it, of course.
Have you taught of taking a look at the 2nd year syllabus and see what topics are related to the ones you �ve already taught and, therefore, you  might find appropriate to get into them? Hope I could help.
Have a nice day.

22 Dec 2009     


You could revise vocabulary (introducing new words at he same time) using simple games, crosswords, songs, role plays. Don �t you have a syllabus to follow? In Italy we have it and when children arrive from Primary School I have to repeat all again. For my younger sts I use a lot of crosswords (using old and new words together) and they enjoy.

22 Dec 2009     

United States

Hi there!

First, it won �t hurt to repeat some of the information, just treat it as a review at first to gauge where they are.  Kindergarteners and first graders aren �t known for their strong memory skills, anyway--you might need to go over it all, regardless of what they �ve been exposed to.  (My highschoolers are like this, too.  It �s amazing how much they can forget in a short period!)  

Second, you can cover the same topics, but elicit what they know (or should know) from the year before prior to teaching in more depth.

Finally, teach them basic conversation skills in English on the various topics they already "know".  It will freshen the content and make it come alive.

Good luck!

22 Dec 2009