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urgent help pllllllllz


urgent help pllllllllz
I have already taught my intermediate students prepositions of time and tomorrow I will teach them prepositions of place. I have included a speaking activity in my lesson plan to practice them. But, I need a follow up activity in which I can intergrate the writing skill. what do you suggest?
your help is highly appreciated...

23 Dec 2009      

New Zealand

1. Why not have them partner up and write instructions for each other? Try to have an assortment of objects (if you can small balls and hoops work well...)
They can write instructions like

The book is under the chair.
The ball is in the hoop... and so on...
So in partner pairs they have to follow the instructions written by their partner and their partner has to say whether they are right or wrong.

2. If you have a map template you can get them to add things to things to the map.
There is a dog sitting outside the coffee shop. There is a flower under a tree in the park..(Write the instructions first!!!)

You can start them off with ideas and then let them work again in partners to write their instructions and then give each other the instructions of what to add and where on their map.
This can be a really fun session!

23 Dec 2009