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Argentinian Teachers


Argentinian Teachers
Have you ever attended the seminars KEL at BAC???
I �d like to go but I don �t know if they are useful or not.
Please, could you share your experiences??
A big hug!!

29 Dec 2009      


Hi Mishuna!
Sorry if I sound  fool...  I know what KEL is... but what is BAC?

29 Dec 2009     


Hi Meuge!
Check this kink out...


It is a summer educational event...

29 Dec 2009     

Fabiola Salinas

Hi Mishuna! I believe it �s a serious event organized by KEL. The choice of speakers and lectures is really good!!! I highly recommend you to listen to Lucrecia Prat Gay or Susan Hillyard!
The event is likely to overlap with the ABS Congress for teachers... because of the date!! also a great event not to be missed!!!
As for BAC... can �t that be Buenos Aires City?? I just wonder...
If I were you... I would attend it! Then let us know!!! Ha! Regards from Cordoba! Fabiola :o)

29 Dec 2009     


Hi Mishuna,
 If you can go, you won �t regret it! I went last year for the first time and it was absolutely useful!   Susan Hilliard and Charly Lopez are superb!!! I went home full of ideas to put into practice immediately,  and the best of all, they worked  wonderfully!!
And last but not least, it �s very well organised as regards timetables. Don �t miss it!
 oh! BAC  stand for British Arts Centre, I think
regards, Marian

29 Dec 2009     


BAC is within AACI, isn �t it? (Ermm I hate acronyms!)


29 Dec 2009