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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > General lesson plan? - a question for teachers    

General lesson plan? - a question for teachers

Russian Federation

General lesson plan? - a question for teachers

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you to share a general lesson plan for group of young adults.

I mean an example - let �s take a lesson 1 h 30 m (2 educational hours)

What can you fit in it? How long does it take (in minutes):

for worming-up?

for explaining grammar structure?

for doing excecises in a textbook? (we are using Headway)�

for games?

Do you check homework at class? How many minutes do you allow on it?

Do you leave time for unexpected questions?

Thanks in advance


30 Dec 2009      

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

usually it �s hard to plan everything minute by minute and I wouldn �t recommend doing it otherwise you will always think about the time, and this will make some activities last longer than they should, some activities will be too short and as a result your students may feel frustrated.
But anyway, I have worked with Headway many times and usually it takes about 5-10 minutes to warm students up, sometimes some warm up discussions turn into interesting discussions and the warm up lasts for more than 10 minutes.
I have no idea how long it can take me to explain grammar as all groups differ and some can take in faster than others, so I never think about the time it can take. the main thing you should think of is how to present grammar structure in a useful way and how to make SS understand it through a bunch of interesting activities.
As for games, the timing depends on a game.
I always check homework as it helps sort out some questions and consolidate what we learnt before. Sometimes I do not check some exercises set for HW as I know that they were easy to do.
IMHO setting stict time borders can work against you and make any lesson dull and long or on the contrary - hyperactive (as a teacher will just set time for all the tasks and will rush the SS unintentionally to finish this or that activity then will set up another activity and studetns will be worn out at then end of the class feeling that they did a lot but remember nothing.) I am sure that any teacher should also take into account what kind of group it is and see what ways work best with them.
Good luck!

30 Dec 2009     


this is the way new teachers are told to proceed in France, obviously it �s quite impossible to do it everyday but still it can give you a clue on how to proceed: (we have 55 minutes lessons)
- recap / warmin-up activity (oral) 5 minutes
- intense oral activity 15-20 minutes (games,  conversation, chain speaking, oral comprehension, group work...)
- written activity 10-15 minutes (reading or writting, grammar...)
- written recap (to note down the new vocabulary, the new structures...) 5 minutes
- correction of the homework
As I said, sometimes it is impossible to do that. When I write down my lesson plan, I try to keep that in mind so that the lesson will be varied, but I know that I won �t follow it! it depends on your students, how well they work, if they have many things to say, if they have some troubles to pronounce the new vocabulary... Sometimes the recap will take 2 minutes, sometimes it will take 10 minutes...
as a rule, in France, we always say that we have to start with an oral activity (while the students are active), and then move on to a written activity (when they are more tired)!
Hope it helps!!!

30 Dec 2009     

class centre

Hi there! I do just the contrary. I begin the lesson with quiet independent work, when they read, translate, ask me questions ( see my avatar), do exercises etc.  The second half of the lesson begins with - OK, guys, enough ,  let �s have fun! They say - hurray! ( some of them say - Oh, no, let me finish this, please, which I allow to do...), spring out of their offices and we begin either talking or playing or running or singing etc. To my mind it makes the end of the lesson more emotionally coloured and they leave my school in great mood looking forward to coming back. What do you say?

30 Dec 2009     

Russian Federation

Thank you for your advice. That might help.

And yes, I �m certainly not asking for precise plan minute in minute.

However I am curious to find out other teachers experience. It always help to have different views on a question.

11 Jan 2010