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coloured worksheets


coloured worksheets
I wonder how you cope with coloured worksheet photocopies. Is it provided by school? (I doubt it!!)

1 Jan 2010      


Depends. Sometimes I do my own printing at home, sometimes I use one ws per a group of sts, sometimes I use a projector to show them, and sometimes I print it in black and white for them and they still like it. I mostly use b&w ones, but my sts know they �ve been really good if I provide them with coloured ones! I also use some wss just as ideas for posters or projects - the colourful versions help with ideas. But many wss here exist in colour and b&w, and even the coloured ones can be printed and used in b&w versions. This is why it �s good that they �re editable, so if there �s a lot of background colour, you can remove it. If you �re lucky enough to have a projector, it really saves time and paper, and the sts still enjoy it.

1 Jan 2010     


Nice to see you here, dear Anita! I hope you�re feeling well!

Hi Tahriali, I photocopy in b&w... Color is too expensive! Even teachers can �t print in color at school. Of course it �s a pity... but there is no choice! Some w/s in b&w are beautiful, though (like the ones Alenka designs...), and kids love to color them in. 
I �m not advertizing! LOL
Best wishes and Happy New Year!

1 Jan 2010     


Hi there,
              Sometimes i print them at home especially when i have small classes. However  i change most of the ws to greyscale and just print them at school

1 Jan 2010     


I totally agree with you. Sts enjoy coloring so let them color the ws and you can give a reward for the best colored one or just praise themWink

1 Jan 2010     


Sometimes my students (but they are all grown-ups) ask me to send them a ws via e-mail so that they can print them out themselves in colour.

2 Jan 2010