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Interactive textbook

Czech Republic

Interactive textbook
Hello everyone, 
I have found a way how to make the textbook which I use interactive. It takes some time to make, but it saves classroom time (about 10%). Here you can see one unit which I made. 

http://www.ulozto.cz/3503481/unit-1.pdf (it is about 53 MB, so you have to wait)

You need acrobat reader 9.0 or higher to see all the features. The unit contains about 15 vocabulary activities, 2 songs and all the keys.

Enjoy and if you find it interesting contact me.

3 Jan 2010      

Czech Republic

I think it�s great. Can you share any tutorial how to do such interactive book on my own?

3 Jan 2010     


Dear Zdenda, i don �t understand what I have to do to open that file. CryA new window open and I click on it but I don �t know wht it says becuse I don �t speak your language.

3 Jan 2010     


Hey damielle,

There �s an option top left corner of the page to turn to English. The address is this one:

You might like to try it.
Hugs Hug


3 Jan 2010     

New Zealand

This is really cool. I downloaded it and was amazed that you could click on things and have an answer box pop up etc... How did you do it? It could be a really useful tutorial!

3 Jan 2010     


This is awesome! HOW did you do it? I did not know one can do such things with a pdf file!
You are a master of ICT, aren �t you?

3 Jan 2010     


I couldn � t open it!

I �m so curious!

3 Jan 2010     



neither could I...


3 Jan 2010     


I do not know what to click either. The PDF does not open!!

3 Jan 2010     

United Kingdom

I downloaded it and it is great interactive stuff. I hope zdenda will enlighten us how it is done.

3 Jan 2010     

United States

I used google translate to view a translation of the terms of service.

Here is the link to the translation:

Link to original term of service document:

Could register, but not download yet. No FREE slots available, use VIP download Will try again later.

4 Jan 2010