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ESL forum > > Deleted sheets..    

Deleted sheets..


Deleted sheets..
some of us had their sheets deleted because they were voted for as copied,sto;en or what ever ...some of us fight 2 get them back and prove that they werent stolen...but has anyone got their deleted sheets back or is it just innegociable??

3 Jan 2010      


Dear lamyaa, I īm afraid that once a worsheet is deleted It can īt be back because one proves that it īs not stolen. The decision of the moderators is usually based on the rules of the site that may be written or agreed on the forum. I don īt know about yours, but sometimes the lack of an appropriate quotation of the source or the lack of an extra activity, make that ws stolen. Why don īt you check it again?
I think that if you want to have it back, you can check it according to the rules, redesign it and upload it again.
Don īt forget to ask another member if you are in doubt. Hope this helps you.

3 Jan 2010     

Czech Republic


The rules


Before you send your document or powerpoint, please read the rules:


This is not allowed because there is nothing but pictures.

This is allowed because it is an ESL task (read and learn vocabulary)

Single flashcards are not allowed, but you can send a SET of flashcards (at least 4).

This is allowed because it is an speaking activity (Bingo)

This is not allowed because it is not en ESL resource.

This is not allowed because it is just a frame, without any activity in English.

This is not allowed because it is not an ESL activity (students don īt learn English trying to find the path)

 Cliparts and coloring pages are not allowed.

This is allowed because it includes a reading activity.

Never send copies from other websites or books.
You are only allowed to upload your own creations.
It is not allowed to send black&white versions of your old worksheets.

You can send the BW version of your worksheet if you upload both versions the same day.

If your BW version is the same worksheet in grayscale, please don īt send it. Everybody can choose to print in grayscale, so it would be a waste of space in the website.

3 Jan 2010     

Czech Republic

I suppose it īs much easier to follow the rules of this site and prevent deleting by providing original activities and clear description + suggestions what to do with the wss + state sources...

In case of wrongly deleted ws, the member can contact Victor, and Victor might give the points + ws back...

But the owner of the site, Victor, is a busy man, so itīs much better and faster to upload an edited version and try to get even more points...

3 Jan 2010     


Hi Lamyaa

if you are sure that your ws is  not copied, and you can prove that, be sure that you will get it back. It happened to me last week. I was able to get my ws back after I sent my proof. it was in fact a fault accusation. so it worked with me once but I was sure I followed the rules in creating that ws that is why I fought to get it back. I personally contacted Victor who solved my problem.

4 Jan 2010     


what u say happened to me   i wan to back my ws but i dont know how i approve that i didn īt copied 

4 Jan 2010     

Carla Horne
United States


I sent you a pm.

Have a good evening.



4 Jan 2010     

David Lisgo

I had a worksheet deleted sometime ago and lost about ten points.  I reworked my worksheet, ensured it followed all the rules, gave a clear description on how to use it and uploaded it again.  This time it got over 100 points and wasn īt deleted, this showed me the positive side of having a worksheet moderated.
So ībite the bullet ī, do as I did and upload your worksheet again.

4 Jan 2010     


Me too. I had one of my ws deleted because i didn īt write the source of the passage.I didn īt give up. I included the source and sent it again.

                                           Never Give upWink

4 Jan 2010     


than you all for the useful comments :)

4 Jan 2010