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To all moderators


To all moderators

Yesterday, a new member uploaded one of my worksheets as HIS/HERS:http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=212419#thetop . He/She had also stolen another member īs ws. I sent him/her a PM accusing him/her of stealing and this is the answer I got:

 I have not seen your printables. i have not downloaded your!!!!! I have created it myself. But i see it is the same with you.Sorry. But i won īt remove it because I did it myself.
Anyway, the purpose of this post was to thank all the moderators who voted for its removal.
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4 Jan 2010      

miss fatso

Can you please tell who are the moderators?
Thank you.

5 Jan 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Silvia
I didn īt see your printable, I didn īt vote the other one either, I only show up some now and then.
Anyway, just to tell YOU and ALL THE MODERATORS, that I am glad. It shows evidence that things are working.

I am a very BAD moderator, I have a very busy private life, no time left for a hard, daily job with "moderating".
Anyway, a special thank to all of you, who spend so many hours watching and watching and downloading and watching again. I know it is a very, very hard task, but, fortunately, so many of you have got  a little time left to give to all of us, to this wonderful site, the opportunity of making ESL bigger and bigger.

I promise I will be more " in" , whenever I get the time, no way, now.No time, too much trouble.
And you all are doing a great job.

See you.

5 Jan 2010     


Miss fatso,

Why do you want to know who the moderators are? When I checked this afternoon, the ws had already been deleted so I couldn īt tell ALL the moderators who voted for its removal.


5 Jan 2010     


Miss Fatso: The moderators are the members with more than 1,000 points
Warm hugs for you Linda =)

5 Jan 2010     


Sorry miss fatso, now I get it. I thought you were asking who the moderators who voted to delete the ws were. ConfusedOuchErmmLOLLOLLOL
Silly me!!!!

5 Jan 2010