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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Help needed for correcting the grammatical error.    

Help needed for correcting the grammatical error.


Help needed for correcting the grammatical error.
The following sentence was given to be corrected in our terminal exam : "Due to heavy rain, the match was postponed."  Can someone correct the error and help our students.

5 Jan 2010      


The only possible mistake can be �Due to the heavy rain... �

5 Jan 2010     


Is the sentence from text? There is nothing wrong with "Due to heavy rain," ... perhaps the rest should be "the match has been postponed" ?

On a side note, I have read that "Due to" shouldn�t be used in the beginning of a sentence, but I don�t really agree.

5 Jan 2010     


"Due to the heavy rain..."

5 Jan 2010     

United States

The sentence sounds correct to me.

5 Jan 2010     

United States

I had the same thought as aquarius_gr ... has been postponed

5 Jan 2010     

Czech Republic

"Due to heavy rain, the match was postponed."

The whole thing is fine. No need for a "the."
And if it �s out of context changing it to  "the match has been postponed" is just as silly as changing it to "the match will be postponed." or "the match could be postponed."

For all we know the match was 20 years ago so it �s fine in the past simple. This sentence is perfect, if you google it you �ll find that the inversion is more common;


You �ll also find this:


5 Jan 2010     


"due to THE heavy rain"  or "due to heavy RAINS"

5 Jan 2010     


The sentence is fine as it is. Remember, even exams - be they "terminal" or not -  are often riddled with errors.

5 Jan 2010     


I agree with the rest of the native speakers BUT this is what I found when I Googled "due to"

Using Due To

Due to means "caused by." It should be used only if it can be substituted with "caused by."

It does not mean the same as "because of."

Incorrect: The game was postponed due to rain.

Correct: The game was postponed because of rain.

Correct: The game �s postponement was due to rain.

I still would say the original sentence is fine.

5 Jan 2010     

Czech Republic

It �s amazing to me how many people can invent non existent flaws in a perfectly find sentence.

I could write "The ball is round." And ask what was wrong and get 20 responses; "It should be "A ball is round." "All balls are round." "The balls are round."

Due to heavy rains? What? Rains are something completely different from rain! Rains = rainy season.

"The orange is round."

And you don �t need the definite article at all here! It �s optional! Argh!

5 Jan 2010