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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > grammar question    

grammar question

Vivi Quir

grammar question
I came across a ws and have a query... can you say "What are ther in the classroom / kitchen ...?, etc
 Is it correct? When u ask don �t u use What is there...? even if the answer will be in plural?
Sorry but I �d rather ask the experts and natives here  than go to my grammar book. Thanks!

6 Jan 2010      

Czech Republic

You are right that it must be

"What is there in the classroom?"

All though to be honest more natural is:

"What is in the classroom?"
(if you are speaking in general, and not necessarily about the room you are in) "What can you find in the kitchen?"

6 Jan 2010     


I �m not a native, but I �m a hell of an expert Cool, and in English it is correct to say "What is there in the kitchen?" Because we always assume (until proven wrong by the answerer, of course) that whatever it is in that kitchen is singular.

It is the same with this:

Mary and Jane are playing in the garden.

Question to the subject: Who is playing in the garden?

(Not "Who are playing..." even though Mary and Jane  are two people).
Good luck!



6 Jan 2010     


Totally agree with Lana and RabbitWho. It �s the same as with who, what, everybody, etc. You always treat them as 3rd person singular. If you add nouns in plural, then it changes, naturally(what/which things are there in the classroom...)

6 Jan 2010