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Travel English for Beginners


Travel English for Beginners
Hello everybody,
I hope you are all doing well. Now our holidays are over and it means back to work :). Yesterday I got a call to teach a new adult student (travel english). She told me she had English in school years ago; so she doesn �t remember anything. She had taken a course in a language school, but quit there because the teacher wasn �t any good (didn �t understand anything; not structured or organized). Now usually I use the false survival english on bogglesworld http://bogglesworldesl.com/survivalESL.htm and it always worked quite well with my other students, but after this one told me that she only knows the word "to be" and some question words, I �m afraid even this will be too hard for her. Now I am thinking back and forth on how I can teach her seeing she is total beginner, missing all basics and is only interested in Travel English. I would welcome any ideas, lesson plans, websites or whatever you have on your mind, very much. Thanks a lot for all your help and support.


7 Jan 2010      

Czech Republic

ESP is nonsense at beginner level, if she wants travel English tell her to buy a phrasebook and be done with it, if she wants English lessons get her an English book such as English File Beginner. 

7 Jan 2010     


I had the same thought Rabbit. Thanks for your advice :)

7 Jan 2010     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I think you may want to use a course book. I really like New Headway Beginner. If she wants to speak English at least a little bit while travelling, she should learn the basics. You may wish to tell her about it. Then, at some point, in a few weeks, you can teach her some basic phrases for tourists, some vocabulary (there are some WSs on this website that will help you a lot).

Good luck to you and your new student!

7 Jan 2010     



I�ve had some students who asked me for this!!! This is what I did: choose a few grammar items (will, could you, Shall I, Is there- are there) and voc sets (shops, food, drinks, clothes, airport) and focus on that only. With a regular student I would have worked with loooots of other things. Here they had the essential voc to get around and some grammar items. THey liked the course so much that they decided to continue after the trip :)
HOpe this helps.
Have a nice week:)

7 Jan 2010