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Is it:
What �s the weather like?
How �s the weather?
I think the correct is the 1st but I can see that many of esl printables use How �s the weather.
Is it correct, ... too?

9 Jan 2010      


If you ask �How�s the weather?� for me it sounds like if the weather is a person, like in �How�s your mother?�

So the correct is the first option.

But maybe the second is used in informal E. (Natives will confirm it or not.)

Hope it helps.

9 Jan 2010     


Both are correct.

9 Jan 2010     


Both are 100% correct.

9 Jan 2010     


I had the same question a few weeks ago and I got this answer from a native speaker  AB
As you can see , there is a difference between "how" and "what" is the weather like !
I made a lot of worksheets on this subject for my students if you are interested.
Have a nice day !
how �s the weather?
    a) What is the weather like right now?
    b) How has the weather been?
    c) How will the weather be in the near future?
The question implies an opinion about the quality of the weather from the respondent.
E.g. a) The weather is great! Lot �s of sunshine and a gentle breeze blowing.
       b) It �s been sunny every day of our visit.
       c) The weather�s been great & the forecast is for sunshine for the rest of our holiday!

What �s the weather like?
    a) What is the weather like right now?
    b) What is the weather like in general?
A general description of the weather in an area. It isn�t necessary to offer an opinion about the weather.
e.g a) It�s sunny with a light breeze; b) it�s usually cold & wet this time of year.

They are generally interchangeable questions in Australian English - so you could also offer an opinion about the quality of the weather too.
Other dialects will have their preferred expression I �m sure!

Hope that doesn�t �cloud the issue� further 9 Jan 2010     


What �s the weather like is British English  and How �s the weather American:)

9 Jan 2010     


Both are correct. And I �d not say one is more British or American than the other since I often use both.

9 Jan 2010     

United Kingdom

Both are correct but "What �s the weather like?" is more everyday English and is probably used more.

9 Jan 2010