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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > PARTS OF SPEECH - Can someone clear my doubt?    

PARTS OF SPEECH - Can someone clear my doubt?


PARTS OF SPEECH - Can someone clear my doubt?
There are some words like �reception � which cause a confusion as to the part of speech in which they are used, e.g. �I attended my friend �s wedding reception �. Obviously �reception � is a noun. In the sentence �He organised a reception party to celebrate his son �s birthday �. In this sentence, the word �reception � is an adjective. But sometimes we use this word without being followed by a noun, e.g. �We met them at the reception �. The doubt arises whether the word �reception � in this sentence is a �noun � or an �adjective �. 

14 Jan 2010      


Reception is a noun. The words wedding reception and reception party are compound nouns (like for instance football match or basketball player). I �ve noticed that some even use the word wedding reception party!

14 Jan 2010     

Hong Kong

Thanks Philip, I agree with you.
I just have one point to add. That is, I dont believe "reception party" is correct use of the word �reception �. I �ve never heard of it and it does not make sense to me since �reception � is a manner of recieving (a formal manner).

14 Jan 2010     


I can only agree with you Darryl as I �ve never heard of a reception party myself, especially not for birthdays - I should �ve looked more closely at the original post :-$. When people celebrate a birthday they organise a birthday party or a birthday bash (yet another compound noun).

14 Jan 2010     

Puerto Rico

in that sentence reception is part of a prepositional phrase at the reception so is a noun.

14 Jan 2010     


Hi there, I must say that I agree with the boys Wink . AND I just had a little thought here to add to this: Perhaps the "party" that Holymary is referring to, as this could have been a misunderstood concept and used one way when the word referred to another, refers to the group of people... example:

"The wedding party met us at the restaurant." or "The reception party (the group from the reception) was seen throwing confetti at passer-byers."

Tis possible that this might have been the case since neither one of us would really say "I was at a reception party  last weekend" BUT we would say "I was part of the reception party that sang karaoke after the party was over!"

14 Jan 2010     


I often hear � �I will meet you at the wedding reception, � � as a location.  Also brides often want wedding reception ideas and they would also like to have pictures of their wedding reception.  I have often heard someone saying � �I would like the perfect wedding reception � �.
A wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. It is held as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception:

14 Jan 2010     


As I can see it:

As regards reception and party:
Reception is a formal , more important party.

As for the position of words:  we can use a noun to identify other noun, so  it takes the position an adjective usually has.
In that way you may say: the kitchen door/ the car key, etc.

14 Jan 2010