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For Victor! PDF FORMAT


For Victor! PDF FORMAT
Hey first I would like to say that this page is one of the best pages I have ever seen and the most useful too...thank you so much for that!

I have a question...why is it not possible to upload a pdf format and how come some worksheets here are in pdf format, if you can not upload that form? I have some nice material that is too big in word format no matter how much I compress them and I would like to share them with other people but can not upload it in pdf:(

Greets from Slovenia

13 Nov 2008      


I had the same problem as you at the beginning. I actually got loads of worksheets in pdf and in OpenOffice and I really wished these formats would be offered. When I started here I didn�t even have Word on my computer. I really don�t like it, but by now I think that it is OK the way it is. If somebody started uploading files in some linux or Mac-format - I couldn�t use them or I�d have loads of work formating. So I�m fine about not being able to upload OpenOffice now. Not everybody�s got it.
About PDF - I�ve come to find the worksheets I can adapt to my needs - even if it�s just little things - much more practical. I e.g. used a worksheet today that I downloaded ages ago. It had a couple of spelling mistakes in it. I saw them - I corrected them. Had it been PDF, I couldn�t have done that and I couldn�t have used the worksheet.
It seems that it used to be possible to upload worksheets in PDF, but it became apparent, that that isn�t practicable and doesn�t go with the philosophy of this site and this wonderful community. (That�s my explanation - I actually don�t know.) It�s best to just accept it. You�ll see the benefits soon. Smile

If your files are too big, have a look at Logo�s tutorial on reducing file sizes... Just a recommendation :-)

13 Nov 2008     


I totally agree with you Mietz! This site is wonderful as it is!
A good evening to you and Mojca. And to all teachers!

13 Nov 2008     


Hi Mojka, I have this programme to convert pdf files into word files...maybe it will help you because I think it reduces the size also...well try it...maybe it will help you...PDF2Word v3.0

13 Nov 2008     


I have the same opinion!
The word documents give me the chance to make any changes I need or want!
It�s a perfect idea to send our ws in this format!
 I am happy I am able to suit other teachers� contributions to my needs!!!
Thank You Victor for your Amazing Job you do for all of us every day!

13 Nov 2008     


You are probably right, It is terrible when there is a mistake and you can not fix it...well, I guess I will just not be able to post my material after all:( I reduced it to maximum but if the original size is 5MB, it is no way you can reduce it down to 300kb.

Anyways, if anybody needs material about USA and CANADA other that I posted (some really nice ppt presentations, quizes, crossword...) write me at my email: [email protected]

Have a great weekend everybody!

14 Nov 2008     


I would also concur with ladybird, that copying worksheets as a .jpg picture, whilst expedient, does create a lot of difficulties for editing.  A concession that Victor may have to consider in the future, however, is the inclusion of Office 2007 documents as this system becomes more widespread.  Though these can be saved quite easily as Word Documents.  Personally I have always been a WordPerfect fan which to me is a far superior system to Word, but lost out to massive marketing in the �90�s.

15 Nov 2008