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Hello everybody, I hope all of you are having a nice day. This morning while I was correcting some exercises on the blackboard I came across a doubt. Which is the correct one:

Who starred with her in 2002?
Who did she star with in 2002?
Are both correct, only one of them, is one formal and the other one informal? Sometimes I feel bad when I come across this basic doubts becasue I am supposed to be the teacher and the specialist but...
Thanks to all of you in advance.

19 Jan 2010      


I was actually doing this in class yesterday!

Both are correct.

The first is a subject question - it gives the answer �X starred with her in 2002 � - the answer is the subject of the sentence.

The second is an object question - it gives the answer �She starred with X in 2002 � - the answer is the object of the sentence.

The use of an auxiliary verb - �do � or sometimes �be � means it is an object question. The first has no auxiliary verb so it is a subject question.

I don �t think there is any real difference in terms of formality. And don �t worry about basic doubts - no matter how qualified you are there are always times when you find yourself wondering about basic things - I know I do!

Hope this helps

19 Jan 2010     


Thanks a lot Ishorton for your answer.

19 Jan 2010     


Both are correct.
Who starred with her in 2002?     - is what I would choose as it sounds less �clunky �

19 Jan 2010