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Top problematic!


Top problematic!
Hi guys!
I have a problem in the way I should present these three structures using real LIFE SITUATIONS:
When did you travel?
How far have you travelled?
How long have you been travelling?
I�m in a great need for ideas of real life situations to present the past simple VS. present perfect VS. present perfect contionus.

14 Nov 2008      


There seem to be relatively few situations where all three would be naturally used consequtively.  The only situation I can think of naturally using all three structures may be in visiting the doctor.  The doctor could ask

When did the cough start?  When I started smoking.
How many cigarettes have you smoked today?  I�ve smoked 20 already.
How long have you been smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day?  Since my wife left me!!!!
Anyone come up with anything similar???

14 Nov 2008     


Baking/Cooking is a good activity for this:

A: When did you put the cake in the oven? I put it in about ten minutes ago.

B: Ok, it has been in the oven for ten minutes like the recipe says.

A: Yes, it�s has been baking that long.

14 Nov 2008     


SmileGreat ideas indeed .. thanks alot for having some time here!
Waiting for other more related situations!than can be applied inside the classroom!

14 Nov 2008