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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > teaching speaking for kids    

teaching speaking for kids


teaching speaking for kids
hello everyone here
i�m teaching 8 years old kids and really i want some idea to let them having a chance to practise speaking
i know maybe because English not their first language so they have difficult ies in speaking English .....
please  can you tell me an suitable ways or games to let them speak English

14 Nov 2008      

United States

Well, first of all you have to build up a vocabulary so they have words to work with.
I usually work with themes, for ex.
The House
The Family
My School
Things we do
Clothes we wear etc.

My students also have a little booklet they write all the words up in.
Later you can pair them off, two and two.
Give each pair a picture of a school yard with kids playing,
or a family eating together.
Tell each pair to talk to each other for 10-15 minutes by asking each other
"What do you see in the picture?"
How many boys?
What are they doing?
Make up a story about the people or things in the story.
Anything you can think of.

It�s often easier to get kids to speak when the whole class isn�t listening.
They also speak much more English when they are in pairs.
Later you can ask each group what they would like to tell about from their conversation.
Hope this helps.

15 Nov 2008