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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > pronouncing the "ing"    

pronouncing the "ing"


pronouncing the "ing"

I have to teach pupils how to pronounce words ending in or containging the sound "ing" can you help? is there a rule for this?

14 Nov 2008      


hello! of course there are some grammar rules to do that.... when you have a preposition and after it you write a verb it is going to be written with ING at the end. at least the preposition be TO... the verb is written with ING...
for example: Charles likes reading books
                     Charles likes to read books
                     Charles reads a book before going to the bed (BEFORE is the preposition)
you use ING form in continuous tenses
for example: I am looking for a job right now
                     she is listening to music....
 besides there are some rules to write ING... depending on the verb....
 Play - playing (final Y with a vowel before adding ING)
 study - studing (Final Y with a consonant before omiting it and adding ING)
Have - (verbs end on E omit this letter and add ING)
some nouns use ING to be formed.....
it is a short review about ING form... i hope it can help you

14 Nov 2008     


Hello sassouki,

Do you want to clarify yours doubts about the pronunciation of -ing or the spelling rules?

14 Nov 2008