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Creative Ideas For The Classroom


Creative Ideas For The Classroom
I have a group of wonderful High School Students age 15-18. They come to me for conversational classes at an after school program. I am trying to find an idea to spice up the classroom. We have had wonderful lessons with great feedback. These students can speak English very well. Any ideas for something fun to do with this age group??? I am torn between childish ideals and some that are maybe too relaxed. I don �t want to be the "uncool" teacher. Clown

2 Feb 2010      


Wouldn �t you like your students to exchange mails with mine and discuss topics in class comparing different points of view about different subjects?
I �ve got a class of 21 students, aged 15-17 and they would be very happy to have e-pals to whom they might write some mails. If this idea sounds fine to you and your students, let me know. I �ll send their emails to you.
Have a nice week.

3 Feb 2010     


Why don �t you split them into small groups and each imagines they are a new band just on the music scene.
They have to decide on a band name they all like while discussing in English, write song Lyrics, write PR material, conduct imaginary interviews with magazines, write thier speeches for when they win a grammy etc. etc.

3 Feb 2010     

United States

I suggest finding interesting topics, for example - life in the future: technology or lifestyles. You can have them take sides on an issue and support it. Kids love to talk about issues that relate to their life, I would begin there and see where it leads.

3 Feb 2010     


do you have girls and boys in your class? you can ask them to watch movies in English at home, like Twilight, fast and furious... and ask them to debate movies. before starting the debate, check you have a list of the movies they watched, so that you can prepare the debate (vocabulary, arguments) tell them to watch a movie they love but that others might hate, and each student/group of students will first present briefly his/her/their movies, then start the debate, why do you like this movie? what about the others, do you agree?
if they watch a movie with a lot of violence, you can talk about violence on TV and in films...
if they watch Twilght/teen movies, you can talk about love stories, why girls love that and others don �t...
it will be different depending on the films they chose to watch, that �s why it �s important you have a list of the films they watched! it �s really a good debate if you have as many boys as girls in your class, because they usually have very different opinions when they are teens. but it depends on your students.

3 Feb 2010     


These are all wonderful ideas!!! Wow!! Thank you so much. I think my students will definitely enjoy watching movies and reporting back to me on them. I will ask them more about what they like. I also love the idea of talking about the past. Thats a topic that some of us haven �t used yet. Thanks!!!! 

3 Feb 2010     


Have you tried speed dating? You get them to create characters and they have to have 3 minute conversations with each other. At the end they can choose their partner.

3 Feb 2010