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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Ideas using commercials    

Ideas using commercials

United States

Ideas using commercials
I was at an English course and another teacher told us she uses TV commercials.
Especially commercials where lots of things are going on.
She records these on video or DVD and shows them to her class, but without the sound on.
After showing it 2 times, she asks her students to write down all the things that were going on
in the commercial. (learning verbs!!)
This is a fun way of learning verbs. It doesnīt always have to be paper work!
Later they can work with all the verbs in past tense.
And lastly they can write sentences with all the words they found in the commercial.

Itīs important that the sound is turned off, because itīs not the commercial thatīs important, but
the action going on.
Commercials are pack-filled with action and are short and to the point.

best wishes

15 Nov 2008      


Dear Libertybelle,
That idea is great. here you have a link where you can take videos from:

15 Nov 2008     


Because commercials are short and compact, another activity, if you have the machinery to do it is to divide the class into half and one half watch the commercial without the sound, and the other listen to it without the vision.  Make up a worksheet which has questions relating to what is seen and what is said and put them together to work out the answers.

Although not a commercial, I have done this with several classes using the scence from Tootsie (a very old film - probably before most folks time) where Dustin Hoffman plays a woman and meets his agent in the Russian tea rooms.  (can find the extract on youtube) It is particularly useful because the people watching see a man and a woman, whilst those listening hear two men and a woman.

16 Nov 2008     

United States

Great ideas from both of you!
How wonderful we can all share ideas and make our
teaching more interesting, entertaining and better!


16 Nov 2008