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How to teach a language


How to teach a language
I �ve just found it:


Do you agree? Do you have something to add?

2 Mar 2010      


Agree with some, disagree with other bits! It �s the kind of thing I would have found really useful when I did my CELTA and my tutors would have ridiculed when I did my DELTA!

2 Mar 2010     


Thanks for the link Zailda!

I �ve just skimmed through the text but I �ve paid more attention to the Teaching Listening and Teaching Reading parts. And, yes, I can say I totally agree. 

2 Mar 2010     

David Lisgo

Hi Zailda,

I suppose a short article like this has to be somewhat vague and general but I can hardly imagine myself in the author �s shoes.  To my mind the title or the introduction should narrow the field down to a more specific group other than "12 pairs of eyes".  The author (authors) says that the students don �t know the language, but goes on to presume that they can read and write many words in the English language.

These days I teach mostly children, I also teach mixed levelled classes of about 40 first-year university students who have just finished six years of studying English through a grammar translation method.  I feel very little of the article refers to or is useful to my own teaching situation.

2 Mar 2010