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ESL forum > > A little confession..    

A little confession..


I understand your feelings, sometimes we feel we are under the eye of moderators all the time... cheer up and keep sharin please

3 Mar 2010     


Dear ANA,

You sound very disappointed and there must be very strong reasons that made you talk openly about that! You īve my support and I think the other contributors share the appreciation I have for your work!Calm down and let īs be hopeful that the spirit of sharing goes on being stronger than anything else!


3 Mar 2010     


I really understand how you īre feeling. This site is so wonderful but unfortunately I also get the feeling that it is mostly about points. I try to contribute with something useful that I use myself in class. Of course, it feels good when other members appreciate our work . . . 
I don īt see any harm of using texts from textbooks as long as we add our own activities - otherwise, wouldn īt it also be wrong to use texts from the Internet?
Just hang in there and don īt lose the spirit that got you here in the first place - the spirit of sharing and giving a helping hand. Bye.

3 Mar 2010     


Dear Ana,
I completely understand how you feel. This is not what it used to be anymore. And it īs so sad. But you see, it īs the same as in life: when some people get a little power, they get inebriated, intoxicated and they begin abusing their power.
Don īt let them get to you.

3 Mar 2010     


I do understand you Ana. You are not the only one. I sometimes feel like some members are competing for something that I don īt know what. Stupid points, maybe. They want to have more, to BE more. What īs more, they are green with envy. And for that, they seem to spend hours looking for something wrong in our worksheets that could be reported.
Things have really changed a lot in here.  Some teachers have lost the most important: the spirit of sharing.
Hope some day they wake up.

3 Mar 2010     


I haven īt been around this website lately so I īm not sure if I īm jumping into something that I am not completely aware of. Therefore, I apologise in advance if I offend anyone...

I understand how you are feeling and you are right, there are many reading activities taken from textbooks out there, or rather out here

Nevertheless, and by reading some comments from other members, the issue here is not competition or point gathering.... The issue is taking published material and presenting it as being the poster īs work.

As far as I am concerned, whenever I recognise the source of any Portuguese source (or any other), I report it immediately. Bearing in mind that I īm not around much at ESL Printables, I am afraid most worksheets escape my notice.  I can īt recall if I reported any of yours... If I have, I believe I was being fair because I always check it before reporting.

The truth of the matter is that I have seen things published by Portuguese members posted as being their own material and when I download them, surprise, surprise - I discover that - most of the times - 99,9% of the work presented is literally copied.

One or two fellow members already know that I am a co-author of a published secondary school textbook. I have already seen my work presented here as being someone else īs work. I can īt post my own published work here because it is copyright material -- owned by me, my fellow co-writers and the publisher. It never crossed my mind doing so. But I can tell you that when I see someone presenting published work as being their own, it really bothers me. 

Even if someone uses a text or activity and adapts it, the very least they should do is acknowledge their source. 

I īm afraid this is a never-ending story... Plagiarism is a difficult thing to control... Thus, the need to enforce rules. 

Sorry about my rambling... 

Ana, I do hope you won īt feel the need to abandon ESL Printables. Smile

Best wishes.

Paula Wink

3 Mar 2010     



In your little confession you put down in words what I feel about this site.
There are some people here whose purpose isn īt sharing, but rather showing off their nice worksheets and īpolicing ī other member īs work.
Like you I am a teacher, mother, wife and this site is very useful because I save a lot of time preparing my class material. I don īt have time to spend checking other īs work. And sometimes I do recognise some texts from textbooks used in Portugal, but, like you said īit īs not my thing ī to report it (sometimes I really feel like it...)
I īm sad because you deleted your worksheets, I īve been teaching secondary levels and your work was really useful to me.
Thanks a lot.

4 Mar 2010     



I understand your feelings as well. I think SHARING is the Key word.


4 Mar 2010     


I understand your feelings , however I hope you Keep on Sharing! Your work is great! Thanks a lot for all the help you īve given me so far sharing fantastic worksheets. A hug from Alentejo

4 Mar 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Olá Ana

We haven īt talked for a long time... hope your baby is fine.
I have no idea about your reported worksheets, I rarely have the time to go and give a hand in the reported contributions.
One thing I know, I respect your work,  but as B.Dylan says " The times .. they are changing "
The website has new rules, I know it is hard work to get them all in mind, I myself, nowadays, refrain from reporting or checking, because I am never sure of what I am doing.
I have also  deleted a few of my printables which, I thought, could lead to some embarasing situations, so, I decided the better was to delete them, and not care about points - points are the less interesting thing in the site.

Please, sleep well, take care of you, breathe deeply and guess what ? 
Tomorrow is another day.

Even if you are having troubles in your school, which is a very common thing nowadays with Portuguese teachers, don īt let you down, step ahead and fight. That īs what I am doing, ... and I can īt see no other way to go through this jungle.

Lots of love


4 Mar 2010     

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