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Hi to all! I needed some food flashcards, and I found some nice ones here, and I just wanted to thank to people who made them, you have inspired to make some of my own. I�ve just uploaded them.
Thanks again!
P.S. This is the first time I will use flashcards, any advices or tips?

18 Nov 2008      


Hi Sasa, Check out Vickii�s Flashcard Fan club ... under Games, activities and teaching ideas. I use flashcards all the time and they are great fun.  Yeti xx

18 Nov 2008     


Uhmnn... I�d also love to get more ideas for how to use flashcards, but I can�t find Vickii�s Flashcard fan club. Is it another website or one of Vickii�s workshets here?
Thanks for helping!  Smile

18 Nov 2008     

New Zealand

http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=59 Try this link
It is always on the last page of the Games Activities and teaching ideas discussions as it was the 2nd discussion thread ever started here!
Welcome to the world of Flashcards.  Please check out the ideas on the game site above.  Feedback on the ideas are always appreciated - and if you find new ideas please list them on the thread as I know people check it regularly!

18 Nov 2008     


Thank you very much! Approve

18 Nov 2008     


Hi Sasa, here you have a web page with some food flashcards, I hope you find them useful and you like them!!!

18 Nov 2008     


Sasa, in the same web page I found these games for the flashcards

Five flashcard games

1. Alphabet game

Take six flashcards and give one each to six children. Children have to look at the item on their card and line up in alphabetical order. You can also turn this into a team game. Divide children into groups of six and give each group a different set of flashcards. The first team to line up in the correct alphabetical order is the winner.

2. Little by little

Choose a flashcard, cover it with a piece of card and hold it up for the class to see. Ask �What is it?� Move the piece of card so that you reveal a bit of the flashcard beneath. Keep revealing a bit more of the flashcard until children guess what it is.

3. Spelling game

Divide the class into two teams, A and B. Put a flashcard on the board. Choose a child from Team A to come and write the word on the board next to the card. Award one point if the child identifies the object correctly, and one point for the correct spelling. Then choose another flashcard and ask a child from Team B to come and write the word. The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

4. What�s different?

Put ten flashcards on the board. Ask children to close their eyes. Swap the position of two of the cards. Tell children to open their eyes and ask �What�s different?� Children say the two cards that have changed position.

5. Disappearing cards

Put six flashcards on the board. Point to them one at a time and children say the word. Remove a card. Children say the words again, including the card that has been removed. Repeat the process until children are chanting all the words with no picture prompts.


18 Nov 2008