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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > USE OF IWB FOR LANGUAGE TEACHING    




Dear all,

do any of you make use of Interactive Whiteboards in your teaching practice?
I �m making a reaserach about THE USE OF IWB IN LANGUAGE TEACHING and I �d appreciate your kind help!
Smilegreetings from ItalySmile

7 Mar 2010      


In Cyprus we have in many schools and we use them for all lessons. In some years all classes will have IWB.

7 Mar 2010     


In my school "I.C. Leonardo da Vinci" in San Felice Circeo (LT) each school (plesso) has got an IWB and we are using them (I �m still learning how to use it Embarrassed)

7 Mar 2010     


in my school " scuola media" I have an IWB in my classroom and I use it for cloze texts, sentences corrections, picture descriptions, and a lot for culture topic, using power point lesson I prepare at home!


7 Mar 2010     


We have ebeam in our schools and I use it pretty much every lesson with young learners and quite often with teens. For example, where previously I might cut up sentences and they rearrange them on the floor, we now do it on the IWB - they prefer it. For teens, I might present something that is quite dry in their coursebook in a more interesting and interactive way on the IWB. We �ve had them for two years in our schools and they �ve been quite successful.

7 Mar 2010     

Greek Professor

Hi silvas...

I, too, use the Interactive board.. We have them in all the class rooms...They are worth using..More work for the teacher though, but they are fun...In most cases gets the student going...

However some coursebooks are accompanied by a CD..for the IWB...

7 Mar 2010     

manonski (f)

I use mine practically everyday.

7 Mar 2010     

Russian Federation

We have interactive boards in our classrooms and I could say that I admire this equipment. It �s a pity that on this site thereisn �t an oppotunity to exchange the white board materials. Of course there are some other sites. I personaly would like to find teachers who would like to share materials by email.
With best wishes from Russia.

7 Mar 2010     


We have smartboards in most classrooms - and active boards in a few
I  use them every day and they give so many possibilities -
I would also be interested in sharing materials ( smartboard )

7 Mar 2010     


I swear by the IWB and that �s saying something when you consider that I studied my English with the dinosaurs.
I convert a lot of the coursework into interactive games. The students love it.
It is great for music, listening, etc as we have direct access to youtube and BBC news. It is fabulous for instant answers via google or pictures through google images.
It is also great because everything you write in a lesson stays available for the duration so that you can refer back to points you discussed 10, 20,30 or more minutes ago.
They are great for timelines as students can move sentences around to illustrate things such as continuous tenses and past perfect.
At this point of time it is quite time consuming for me as the teacher but as I build up more activities, which I keep on my USB, I am sure it will decrease my workload.
My only complaint is that like all computers it sometimes breaks down......took the techies 10 days to change a light globe!!!!!
I wish we could exchange IWB work here.   Please, please, please Victor...something to think about.

7 Mar 2010     


The problem, I think, with including IWB stuff here is that there are so many different software versions available - we use ebeam at my school, my mum �s school uses prometheus and a lot of places use smartboards. Which version would you suggest for this site? The online exercises and powerpoints can be used on all IWB.

Don �t get me wrong - I �d love to be able to download ebeam stuff here but whichever version victor chose would leave him bombarded with complaints!

7 Mar 2010     

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