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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > has and has got    

has and has got


has and has got
I just wanted to ask a simple question, I saw a lot of worksheets to choose has / have and some other worksheets to choose has got and have got so I just wanted to know if there is a difference between has and has got and have and have got.

9 Mar 2010      


Have or Has + got is used to refer to possesion, whereas have or has (without got) is used in all the other cases ie: have lunch, have a shower ......
When the verb is used to refer to possesion it is conjugated in the following way:
I have got a dog
I haven�t got a dog
Have I got a dog?
In the other cases it needs an auxiliar to make the negative and interrogative.
I always have lunch at 2.
I don�t have lunch at 2.
Do you have lunch at 2?

9 Mar 2010     


Thanks a lot for information. This site is really useful.

9 Mar 2010     


I think that another difference is that in American English, have is used whereas in British English, they use have got for possession. 

9 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

have got is more informal and tends to be used in speaking whereas have tends to be mroe formal and therefore tends to be written. 
more importantly is the negative - we don �t say I haven �t a dog.

9 Mar 2010