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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > for and since teaching methods?    

for and since teaching methods?


for and since teaching methods?
how would yoy teach:
how long

11 Mar 2010      



I �d present a ws containing the graphic below (or something similar - sorry, it �s not ready, I �ve made it just to demonstrate) and ask the students to analize the graphic and compare / contrast the sentences. Then I �d ask ss to spot the differences and explain what they understand from it. I �d start from that point explaining, providing more examples, asking them to provide some, asking questions ("How long have you studied English?") and telling them to ask the others some similar questions.

Hope it helps.


11 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom

Another option is to Get THEM to work out the logic behind it. Tell them that you say for ten minutes, for three years, for a long time, yet you say since two o �clock, since Friday, since 1980, since I was at university, etc. Then give them a few more time expressions and get them to decide whether they go with "since" or "for".

Ss tend to get it pretty quickly.

11 Mar 2010     


Yes, I agree with colibrita,  they tend to get it pretty quickly - if they are used to reason.

But some still need some guides before they feel secure enough to risk. It seems half of my ss are afraid of making mistakes. So they won �t risk, unless they feel they �re not going in the wrong direction...

They are teens and adults, and they tend to imagine that a thing like a guillotine will wipe them out from the face of the earth if they get it wrong...

11 Mar 2010